Business Overview

PLASCON® Plant Brisbane
PLASCON® Plant Brisbane

PLASCON® original test rig
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Halon for Destruction -
Tottenham Plant

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SRL Plasma Pty Ltd operates, manufactures and markets the PLASCON® electric-arc plasma hazardous waste destruction process. This patented "in-flight," state-of-the-art technology is in commercial use in a number of critical hazardous waste applications in Australia as well as EPA licensed integrated hazardous wastes treatment facilities in the United States and Mexico. It has also been used in the United Kingdom and there are currently four units in use in Japan. In the late 90’s a dedicated facility was established for the destruction of CFCs, HCFCs and Halons in Australia. The PLASCON® has been approved for use in many international jurisdictions for environmentally safe destruction of hazardous chemicals and gasses.

PLASCON® is designed to treat concentrated hazardous wastes that others either can't destroy or would rather avoid. The process has been applied in some of the most severe applications since 1992 and we are ready to solve your hazardous waste problem.

SRL Plasma can supply a compact, relocateable skid unit to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers including: governments, waste destruction companies and chemical producers.

Commercial Overview

SRL Plasma Limited can provide a flexible approach to solving waste destruction problems. We can supply a complete package including:

  • Analysis of waste material (including process mass balance).
  • Assistance with engineering
  • The PLASCON® skid, power supply and control system
  • Support services, i.e. waste feed, caustic delivery and effluent handling systems
  • Waste storage and handling systems
  • Commissioning
  • Operator Training

A typical PLASCON® license agreement will include the following elements:

  • PLASCON® process license for specific waste type and territory
  • License Fee
  • Provision of the hardware/services
  • Commissioning/training
  • Royalty based on waste throughput
  • Confidentiality undertaking

A turnkey solution can be provided to suit your requirements, usually within 3 months of contract settlement.

If you have a waste stream that you believe might be suitable for destruction using the PLASCON® process we can provide a quick assessment if you supply the following preliminary information to:

SRL Plasma Pty Ltd

  1. Company name, address, telephone no, facsimile no, email address
  2. Contact person and title
  3. Type of business; i.e. waste management company, chemical producer, government etc.
  4. Complete chemical description of the waste, i.e. by mass, chemical formula, common name if applicable, whether
    solid/liquid/gas at std. conditions, melting point, boiling point, viscosity, mass of particulates, particulate size
  5. If possible supply material safety data sheets
  6. Quantity of waste
  7. Is the waste stockpiled or continuously produced as a by-product?
  8. Type of storage containers currently in use
  9. Any other information that may be relevant to safely handling and destroying the material in question

Please note:

Some "solid" materials (such as contaminated soils, metal containers etc.) can be treated by PLASCON® ; following front-end pre-treatment. Typical processes that SRL Plasma has experience in include the use of thermal desorption and solvent extraction techniques.