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Destruction of Pesticides

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Many countries have substantial stockpiles of obsolete pesticides left over from agricultural use in past decades.

Plascon® provides an economical and safe process for the destruction of pesticides, that meets with the most stringent international standards.

Among the pestices that can be destroyed with a Plascon® unit are:

  • Azinophos     
  • DDE               
  • Mitotane
  • 2,4 D            
  • DDT               
  • Nonachlor
  • 2,4,5 T          
  • Endosulfan     
  • Permethrin
  • Carbaryl        
  • Ethion            
  • Oryzalin
  • Chlordane      
  • Heptachlor     
  • Trifluralin
  • Chlorpryifos   
  • Limonene   
  • Dichlorvos     
  • Malathion